The Chronicles of Kurt

Curtis (Kurt) Nugent

Renaissance Man

What is a modern Renaissance Man? For me it means that I have severe ADD! I have several different interests and dive into them with reckless abandon. I guess you could say I know a little about everything and not much about anything. Even my careers (I’ve had several) were varied. I started my working life in the United States Army as a “spook”. I then attended college and earned a degree in English (emphasis on Black literature (Harlem Renaissance)) and Computer Science. While an undergraduate I enrolled in ROTC and became an officer and served in Germany for another four years. After leaving the military (for good this time) I worked for a German consulting firm on the LRNZ-2 system that controlled air space in central Europe.

After two and a half years my family and I returned to the US where I worked as a systems analyst for two years at the Aluminum Company of America. I then worked on the NMMSS system for Lockheed-Martin in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

At this point I became very disinterested in technical things and went back to the University of Tennessee where I received my Master’s of Elementary Education and then began teaching in Vonore, Tennessee. I taught there for one year and then we moved to North Carolina for my wife’s career and I finished out my teaching career and RETIRED!

Now, I do what I want and that is what this blog is about.

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