More About Me

As I mentioned in my previous post I am a musician, writer, photographer and traveler. I am going to use this post to practice using media. I’m sorry if these post are not interesting, but I have to first learn how to use the WordPress Software!

Next I will try to insert some photos related to my music, photography and travel. I won’t try to insert a photo on writing. That would be even more boring!

First a photo related to my music!

This is a photo of my oil can guitar!

Now a photo related to my travel!

I like to travel, especially by motorcycle. Here is my bike in the Big Bend area of Texas before crossing the border to Mexico.

Now for my favorite photo. I like to shoot film and this photo was taken in Kure Beach, NC with a plastic Holga camera. It came out pretty good in my opinion. As I said, it is my favorite photo. While it may not be technically perfect, I think it has a mood of mystery.

Kure Beach, NC

Published by Kurt Nugent

I am a motorcyclist, photographer, traveler and writer. I have had many blogs before, but have decided to try and consolidate them into one. I hope you enjoy my rather eclectic musings.

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