Cabin Fever

Well, it is that time of the year when cabin fever has set in. Plans are coming together for a great summer. First I have the Horizons Unlimited – Virginia to start the riding season. Horizons Unlimited is an organization that encourages international travel by motorcycle. In May or June we will travel to the American West to explore that vast country. There is something about the west that draws me. Not the cities, but the rugged landscape. In August I will ride my motorcycle to Horizons Unlimited – Newfoundland. I’m looking forward to being in Canada again.

While I am ready to start this summer travel, we are still in the middle of February and the really good weather won’t be here for about two and a half months. Until then I’ll be sorting through my equipment, cleaning, planning and spending time in the garage just looking at my bikes.

Come on spring!

Published by Kurt Nugent

I am a motorcyclist, photographer, traveler and writer. I have had many blogs before, but have decided to try and consolidate them into one. I hope you enjoy my rather eclectic musings.

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